The Patients Misuse of Antibiotics and Perception of Antibiotic Resistance Sana'a City-Yemen

  • Shawqi Shugaa Aldeen Al-Razi university
  • Fawz M Abol-Gaith Al-Razi university


Background of the study: Misuse of antibiotic in both healthcare setting and the community through poor prescribing practices and consumer behaviour have contributed enormously to the acquired antibiotic resistance (ABR) which presents a significant threat to public health globally in the 21st century. Objective: To assess the antibiotics misuse and perception of resistance among patients in different health care facilities in Sana'a City. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study of 384 adult patient's public hospitals in Sana'a City, between February and June 2021 was used. A multistage cluster random sampling was used; Five districts were selected randomly and the public, private hospitals. The sample was approached a questionnaire (face–to–face interview), The sample responded to size was determined using Epi info. The instrument is a questionnaire for patients. The data was analyzed using (SPSS) program version 26.0. Frequencies, T-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), binary logistic and ordinal logistic regression were used. Informed written consent was obtained from all participants in the study. Results: Only 4.4% of patients have good knowledge of antibiotics, 40% had not heard about antibiotic resistance, two-thirds of patients do not consult a physician before taking antibiotics, 72% did not complete the antibiotic course and 67% of patients taking antibiotics within the past six months.  Conclusion: Patient's showed inadequate knowledge and perception towards the ant antibiotics and their resistance. They have poor practice about using antibiotics.

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Aldeen, S., & Abol-Gaith, F. (2023). The Patients Misuse of Antibiotics and Perception of Antibiotic Resistance Sana’a City-Yemen. Al-Razi University Journal for Medical Sciences, 7(2).