Competences of Midwives Toward Management of Eclampsia at Public Hospitals in Sana'a City-Yemen

  • Nabil Al-Rabeei,
الكلمات المفتاحية: Keywords: Eclampsia; Competences; Midwives; Management; Yemen.



Background: Eclampsia is new onset of grand mal seizures activity and/or unexplained coma during pregnancy or post-partum in a woman with signs and symptoms of preeclampsia. Aim: To identify the competences of midwives toward management of eclampsia at public hospitals in Sana'a city.  Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out from  May to June 2018. This study was conducted at three public hospitals in Sana'a city-Yemen. Stratified random sampling was administered to selected 50 midwifery working in labor ward at public hospitals. Data collection were done through questionnaire. The questionnaire was consisted of demographic characteristics, general competences on eclampsia and competences of midwives toward emergence care in managing eclamptic patient. A pilot study was performed on 10% of the study sample. Data were analyzed used SPSS program. X2-test was used to determine the association between variables and p-value<0.05 was considered the level of significance. Results: The majority of midwives (84%) had correct competence on earliest symptoms of eclampsia and (60%) had correct competence on symptoms of eclampsia. 46% had correct competence on advance symptoms of eclampsia and (14%) of midwives had correct competence on risk factors of eclampsia. 4% had correct competence on immediate care during convulsions and (98%) were able to mention all measures needed to care eclamptic patient after convulsion. The majority of midwives (90%) did not able to mention correctly the kind of assessment needed after convulsionsConclusion: Half of the midwives had poor competences toward management of eclampsia. Continuing education and mentorship program were recommended for enhancing the competences of midwives in managing eclampsia.