Socio-demographic Profile of Patients Admitted in Thalassemia Center, Sana,a ,Yemen

  • Abdullah Gafer Al-Razi university
  • Nabil Ahmed Alrabeei Al-Razi university
  • Mohammed Sadeq Al-Awar 00967227420
  • Wadhah Hassan Edrees Al-Razi university
  • Ohood Ali H.Alyafrosi Al-Razi university


Background: Thalassemia is the most common hemoglobin disorder in the world including  Yemen . Population migration and intermarriage between different ethnic groups have had a major impact on disease epidemiology. To observe theprevalence and specturm of thalassemia as well as demographic and social factorsof thalassemia patients.

Materials and methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in the Thalassemia Center of Sana'a  from July, 2020 to December, 2020. Parents of 344 thalassemia patients aged2-18 years interviewed with a formulated questionnaire based on social and demographic characteristics. Data were analyzed  by SPSS-25.

Results: The study results showed that the Thalassemia patients were males with a percentage of (54.9(%  The age of the Thalassemia patients ranged (13-18) was with a percentage of (34.9%). Most of the Thalassemia patients (60.5%) lived in urban, (60.8%) of them had basic education and (22.4%) were from  Sana'a City. (59.6%) had Beta- Thalassemia, (55.5%) were diagnosed first 2 years of life, (38.7%) of the patients had family history of Thalassemia and (57.3%) had siblings with Thalassemia. Participants with a percentage (70.6%) were from families with consanguineous marriage.

(67.4%) of them did not get chelation therapy. However, among those who received the chelation, (39.3%) regularly received the chelation

Conclusion: A nation-wide screening program should be carried out to address the carrier status of population at risk. There may be further analysis regarding clinical diversity of thalassemia.

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Gafer, A., Alrabeei, N., Al-Awar, M., Edrees, W., & H.Alyafrosi, O. (2022). Socio-demographic Profile of Patients Admitted in Thalassemia Center, Sana,a ,Yemen. Al-Razi University Journal for Medical Sciences, 7(1).

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